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Since 2003 the Trinon Collegium Practicum has assisted over 2,000 surgeons in inserting more than 40,000 implants in practical courses, helping them to develop their practical skills. The “Q-Implant Marathon” courses are being conducted by very experienced international surgeons providing Implantology newcomers with advice and assistance in inserting 30 implants in one week.

Professionals can expect to conduct difficult operations ranging from sinus elevations to highly complicated grafting cases with assistance from our internationally recognized surgeons. The one-week hands-on course gives the opportunity to collect practical experience in implantology, pre-implantological treatment and in extremely complicated cases under supervision of a team of highly skilled instructors. The courses are based on collaboration between the Trinon Collegium Practicum and established universities and clinics in the Dominican Republic, Cambodia and Laos.

The first course was born from the idea to give surgeons the opportunity to quickly gain in-depth experience in implantology directly with the patient. Furthermore there was a common understanding that practical educational seminars for surgeons were not being offered and this resulted in lack of experience and a hesitation while inserting implants.
The courses gained popularity with all stakeholders and since its beginning in 2003 over 100 courses in 3 countries have been conducted by the Trinon Collegium Practicum, a research institute committed to the promotion of implantology and its benefits for patients.

The courses, with its credo "Learning by doing", have seen a rising number of patients over the time by 2013 the number reached over 15,000 patients with over 40,000 implants inserted.

We hope that you will join us at the next Q-Implant Marathon!